“Emily Ratajkowski’s Wild Hairdo in the Big Apple with Hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard, Following a Stunning Beach Getaway”

Emily Ratajkowski has switched back to wearing her regular clothes after enjoying a week-long beach vacation with her spouse. The model was seen arriving in New York City, dressed in comfortable road trip attire upon returning from the summer getaway. During the vacation, the 27-year-old posted pictures of herself flaunting her stunning beach body in tiny bikinis on social media. She spent the holiday with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and her good friend, social media celebrity The Fat Jewish. Emily is a Vogue favorite and looked stunning in her fashionable vacation outfits.

Back home: Emily Ratajkowski takes her pup for a stroll after returning home with her husband on Sunday from their week long seaside vacation

Emily Ratajkowski is spotted walking her dog in her hometown after returning from a week-long beach getaway with her husband.

Spotted: Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard unload luggage in Manhattan on Sunday after arriving back in town from a beach vacation

Emily Ratajkowski and her partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard, were spotted unloading their luggage in Manhattan on a Sunday after returning from their beach vacation.

Casual couple: The newlyweds dressed casual in sneakers and shorts on their road trip

The just-married couple opted for a laid-back look, sporting sneakers and shorts on their adventurous journey.

Rainy days: The duo left the sun and sand to arrive home on a rainy and damp day in September

The pair bid farewell to the warmth and beach to come back home on a wet and humid September day.

Change of pace: EmRata is back in regular clothes after enjoying a bikini clad week at the beach

EmRata has switched things up by trading in her beachwear for some more casual attire after spending a week in bikinis by the shore.

Looker: Emily Ratajkowski can do no wrong when she slips into a bikini. The Vogue favorite looked every inch a bombshell as she posed on a beach on Saturday

Emily Ratajkowski is a true bikini babe and never fails to look amazing. The popular model was spotted on a beach on Saturday looking like a bombshell in her stylish outfit. She kept it simple with black spandex bicycle shorts and a multicolored striped windbreaker, but still managed to rock the look effortlessly. Emily’s toned legs were beautifully accentuated by the skin-tight shorts. The actress also proudly showed off her stunning engagement ring while unloading her bags on a rainy day in Manhattan. Together with her new husband, they pulled numerous bags from the trunk of a black SUV while EmRata accessorized with a trendy snakeskin crossbody bag and a pair of sneakers.

Dog days of summer: Emily and her pooch go for a walk after spending a week on a the beach together

Amidst the hot and lazy days of summer, Emily decided to take a stroll with her furry friend. They had just returned from spending an entire week at the beach, basking in the sun and enjoying each other’s company. Now that they were back in town, Emily figured it was the perfect time to stretch their legs and get some exercise. With the leash in hand, they set off on their adventure, taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. It was the perfect way to spend a summer day, bonding with a loyal companion and enjoying the great outdoors.

Bling ring: Emily flashed her stunning engagement ring while unloading luggage from her trip

As Emily was unloading her luggage after her trip, she proudly displayed her gorgeous engagement ring, sparkling and shining for all to see.

Covered up: The I Feel Pretty actress was decidedly more covered up Sunday than she was the day before in a teeny leopard bikini

The actress from I Feel Pretty was seen wearing more clothing on Sunday compared to the day before when she wore a small leopard-print bikini.

Upon returning from their beach vacation, Sebastian Bear-McClard assisted his wife in unloading their luggage from the SUV. He opted for a relaxed outfit, donning ripped shorts, a teal-sleeved hoodie, and a baseball cap. Both individuals carried their cell phones as they retrieved their vacation clothes from the car. The brunette beauty sported the same cat-eye sunglasses she wore during their time at the beach.

Social media star: The couple was joined by Instagram star The Fat Jewish during their beach holiday

During their beach vacation, the couple were accompanied by a well-known personality on Instagram, The Fat Jewish. He is a social media sensation.

Helping hand: Sebastian helps his bride out of the SUV as they wrap up their summer vacation

Assistance provided: Sebastian kindly assists his spouse in exiting their SUV as they conclude their summer getaway. Over the weekend, the DKNY model and actress of movies such as Gone Girl and I Feel Pretty was seen lounging on a beach with her furry companion, emanating radiance with her alluring figure and relaxed hairstyle. The canine in the pictures appeared to be a seasoned model as well. In a separate picture, Emily’s acquaintance, the social media sensation The Fat Jewish, can be seen playfully hoisting her over his shoulder while her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, watched on.

Company: Instagram star The Fat Jewish picked her up and threw her over his shoulder in another photo. Emily's husband Sebastian Bear-McClard looked on

The Fat Jewish, a famous Instagram celebrity, was captured in another photo picking up and carrying Emily on his shoulder. Her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard was present during the moment.

Group effort: And then she posed with her pal as the dog looked back at the bearded man

Collaborative work: Later, she was pictured alongside her friend while their dog glanced back at the man with a beard. Throughout her entire vacation week, she kept her admirers informed about her seaside activities via social media. Her followers were stirred up when she posted a provocative beach photo last Thursday. Although she didn’t reveal her face, the 27-year-old showcased her sleek legs, toned abs, and a glimpse of her underbreast region.

Sun's out! Ratajkowski teased her underboob in a sultry bikini shot as she mourned the end of summer

As the summer season came to a close, Emily Ratajkowski shared a sizzling bikini photo on Instagram, revealing a bit of underboob. Though it appeared as if she was topless, the model was actually wearing leopard print G-string bottoms that blended with her sun-kissed skin. In the photo, two of her friends could be seen walking back from the beach while Emily posed with her toned legs apart. She captioned the shot with ‘Besties on film (emoticon) thanks summer 18.’ This is not the first time Emily has gotten her fans talking on Instagram; she previously shared a bathtub photo before her Paper Magazine shoot. Earlier this year, the model surprised everyone by getting married to Bear-McClard.

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